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Slick Stick Generator Slip Ring Cleaning Tool 56-A360-09


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Slick Stick Generator Slip Ring Cleaning Tool


The SLICK STICK concept was developed by our Chief Engineer/VP Bob York when he wanted an easy way to re-finish the slip rings on the Onan Emerald gen set in his RV. Its profile is thin enough so that it can be inserted thru the cooling slots at the rear where the slip rings are located. It could be used similarly with other small gen sets as long as any cooling slots adjacent to the slip rings are at least 1/2" wide.

THE PROBLEM: Over a period of time, generator slip rings become tarnished, oxidized and coated with dirt and carbon. This contamination build-up results in poor contact between the brushes and the slip rings. The voltage regulator attempts to maintain a constant output voltage by supplying enough field (rotor) current to support the load. When the field circuit resistance is high due to dirty slip rings, the regulator must supply a higher voltage in order to obtain the same field current. This causes the regulator to work harder, run hotter and possibly fail prematurely. In addition, the increased resistance causes the slip rings to run hotter than normal, further aggravating the tarnish and oxidation problem. The answer is to keep the slip rings clean. Up until now, this could be a labor-intensive task, often requiring at least the removal of the brush(s) and brush holder(s) to gain access to the slip rings.

THE SOLUTION: The Slick Stick service tool is designed to clean and re-finish generator slip rings quickly and safely with the generator running and without any disassembly. The Slick Stick, made of durable and insulating acrylic plastic, is thin enough so that it can be passed through the cooling slots on the rear of the generator. Then, one of the two precision aluminum oxide stones on the end of the tool is gently brought into contact with each of the slip rings. The coarse stone (180 grit) is used for cleaning and re-surfacing severely contaminated or worn rings. The fine stone (320 grit) is used for polishing the surface to a smooth finish. Both long-lasting stones are easily cleaned with detergent and water. The Slick Stick is 14 inches long and has a non-slip vinyl handle.

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