Norcold 633324 ICE MAKER ASSY. REPLACES 621266 -

Norcold 637582 Ice Maker Assembly Replaces 621266 & 633324

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Norcold Ice Maker Assembly 637582 (633324 Or 621266)

Brand New Norcold Ice Maker Assembly. Easy installation and very reliable product. This is the only ice maker installed in Norcold refrigerators so if you have an ice maker to replace, rest assured that this is the correct model. New ice makers will not have the activation arm included so make sure to hang on to your existing lever.

This ice maker does not come with the shut-off metal arm. You will need to use the old one off of your existing ice maker or purchase a new shut-off arm.åÊ

Must be below 14 degrees F in order to cycle

*Whirlpool makes this model

*If you have a Norcold Refrigerator, this is the model they use for all of their refrigerators.åÊ

Below is a list of Norcold refrigerators that will have this ice maker installed:

  • N641IM
  • N841IM
  • N1095IM
  • 1200IM
  • 1200LRIM
  • 1210IM
  • 1210LRIM
  • 2117IM
  • 2118IM