Generac 073112B-A Carburetor -

Generac Style RV Generator Carb 073112B-A Generac - style RV Generator Carburetor kit (Aftermarket Part)

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The original Generac 73112 (73112B) was a very common gasoline carb used on a variety of RV generators: NP, QP, IM, Q, and Prime Pact units. Models: 00860-0, 00861-0, 09592-3-4-5, 09393-3, 09600-3-4-5, 00784-1-2, 09290-4, 00595-0-1, 00843-0. 

The original carburetor # 73112B and the rebuild kit 075252 are both no longer available from Generac.
However, we do have this popular aftermarket carburetor that customers love!

This carb was designed for the same engine in a different application.  It will work and bolt up OK.

We will not be able to take it back once it is installed.

The nipple for the gas inlet is for rubber fuel hose and is straight - not at an angle.

NOTE: The solenoid positive wire connects to wire #14 or the same wire that connects to the fuel pump, and the negative wire to ground or wire #0. (wire zero)