Atwood 31150 OEM RV Hydro Flame Heater Furnace Side Outlet Valve - 12V DIS Furnace Gas Valve -

Atwood 31150 OEM RV Hydro Flame Heater Furnace Side Outlet Valve - 12V DSI Furnace Gas Valve Replaces 37383, 38604

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Replace your faulty side valve with the Atwood 31150 Flame Heater Furnace Valve and experience maximum functionality wherever you go! This quality based replacement part is made with durable and tough materials that can endure repeated use in the long run. It plays as an essential part of your HVAC system. This outlet valve is designed to efficiently improve the ventilation inside your home, office or your RVs. This item is an original product of Atwood Group made with quality precision committed to providing you with the best range of products.
_ MADE TO LAST - Constructed from a sturdy, robust prime fibrous materials for enhanced durability and superior reliability.
_ HEATER FURNACES COMPATIBLE - Measuring 3.25 L x 2.75 W x 2.75 H, it is advised to have it checked by an expert to ensure the compatibility of the product.
_ EASY TO INSTALL - This product can be easily installed by an expert or professional supervision to ensure safety and effective use.
_ ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - This replacement is a guaranteed OEM part designed to deliver you only with a reliable and high-performing product.
_ SUPPLIES AND PARTS FOR HYDRO FLAME FURNACE - Performs well and perfect replacement or spare parts for your hydro flame furnace valves and other accessories.