Atwood 51972 Hinge Assembly, 17" Range  EA. (PWY) -

Atwood 51972 Hinge Assembly, 17" Range EA. (PWY)

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Hinge Assembly For Atwood 17‰Û_ Range #51972

Atwood and Wedgewood Vision Ranges and Cooktops have brought the convenience of home cooking on the road for more than 30 years. Offering the widest selection of models to choose from, Atwood and Wedgewood Vision provide unbeatable flexibility in performance, styling and installation.

Residential Look
High Output Burners
Linear Valves
The Wedgewood Vision range uses linear valves for improved operation and adjustment capability, including the ability to simmer. Unlike most competitive models, Wedgewood Vision burners can easily adjust from a low simmer to a full burn. In addition, the High-Output 9,000 BTU front burner and two enhanced 6,500 rear burners help cook food faster!

The one-piece porcelain grate construction gives more than adequate surface area for pots and pans. The larger diameter wire provides strength and the grate is easy to remove for cleaning, yet fits snugly in the cushioned grommets to help eliminate excessive rattling during travel.

The top burner areas are designed with a deep well that helps contain messy spills. The cooktop is fastened securely with special clips to prevent excessive rattling during travel. For easy access to clean below the top, simply lift the top up and out of the way. The top can be quickly snapped back into place

Additional Features:

Centralized high output burner and improved flame distribution
Spacious, high-efficiency 17‰Û_ or 21‰Û_ ovens
Hinge Assembly Atwood 17 Range #51972
Built-in broiler/toaster section
Several styles and colors
Ignitor or match light
Our spacious, high-efficiency Atwood High Output Ranges provide homestyle cooking convenience with 450å¡F performance. Our space-saving design is available in both 21‰Û_ and 17‰Û_. Both sizes feature a built-in broiler/toaster section and a 9,000-BTU high output main burner that lets you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying the RV lifestyle. The centralized high ouput burner location allows for the convenient use of a variety of pots and pans. And, the residential-like port configuration provides better flame distribution to cook food more evenly.

Additional Features:

Several styles and colors
Piezo or electronic ignition
Enhanced 6,500-BTU rear burners
Hinge Assembly Atwood 17 Range #51972
First Sealed Burners make clean up easier.
First Electronic Ignition designed specifically for the RV industry.
Residential-Style Grates that are rugged yet easy to remove.
First to eliminate the need to notch the cabinet for installation.
Linear Burner Valves that are easily adjusted on all burners with a wide range of flame settings.