Atwood 56096 OEM RV Piezo Igniter Assembly with Rotary Knob - Suitable for All Atwood Wedgewood Cooktops -

Atwood 56096 OEM RV Piezo Igniter Assembly - Suitable for All Atwood Wedgewood Cooktops

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Cooking inside and outside of your RV using portable stoves will be easier with the Atwood 56096 OEM RV Piezo Igniter Assembly. Created as a reliable replacement part for worn-out and broken igniters of Atwood Wedgewood stoves, this igniter assembly features an ergonomically designed structure that's both functional and practical. It showcases a rotary dial that facilitates quick ignition of your stove with a simple turn of the knob. This igniter assembly can easily be installed in any stove that utilizes piezoelectric ignition without the help of a professional handyman.
_ HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made from premium materials that boast superior resistance to heat, this igniter has a durable structure that can withstand extreme high temperature.
_ ROTARY KNOB MECHANISM - This 56096 Igniter easily lights up canister stoves and other portable stoves by simply turning the rotary knob that's included in the assembly.
_ EASY INSTALLATION - This igniter assembly includes necessary connectors that deliver quick and convenient installation of the parts into your RV's stove.
_ ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - Guaranteed OEM part to deliver you only with a reliable and high-performing product.
_ SUPPLIES AND PARTS FOR MOTORHOMES - This item is an original product of Atwood. A full line of Atwood accessories and replacement parts are also available.