Generac Muffler 052108 Overall Dims: 19-3/4" length, 4-1/4" Diameter, Inlet/Outlet 1-5/16" - DROPSHIP ITEM

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Same as G052108 and 052108. Muffler for Generac RV generator.

This is the muffler that was in the 9742-0,  09742, or 9742 Muffler Kit. The Muffler Kit is no longer available. You can still get most of the parts that were in the kit. Please Click Here to see a list of all of the parts that were in the kit.


Length 17 1/4 inches (does not include the outlet)
Width 5 inches

Inlet 1 1/2 inches OD
Outlet 1 3/8 inches OD