Dometic 385316140 OEM RV Toilet Rubber Seal Kit - Leak Proof Unit Configured -

Dometic 385316140 OEM RV Toilet Rubber Seal Kit - Leak Proof Unit Configured - EcoVAC 157/158/159

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Dometic 385316140 Base to Bowl Seal Kit - EcoVAC 157/158/159

Dedicated to providing award-winning products in the market, Dometic is one of the continually growing and leading brands that develop smart, top-condition mobile equipment for a more satisfying and leisurely outdoor trip. Experience the benefit of assured quality and supply your automotive needs with innovative parts and tools from Dometic.

The Dometic 385316140 Rubber Seal Kit features a precise construction assembled using high-grade material that delivers durability over time. It's structure effectively secure and prevents water leakage for a more comfortable and cleaner use. Exclusively developed to fit the Dometic Sealand toilet series and a variety of Dometic branded toilets. Its compact structure gives every user the advantage of easy and hassle-free installation.

Equip your RV with tools that deliver superior performance and optimum power control, and capture the essence of mobile living made easy with Dometic!

" HARD-WEARING CONSTRUCTION - Manufactured to precision using premium grade materials that offer durability over time, providing you with a long-lasting material.

LEAK PROOF COVERAGE - Developed to promote the benefits of security, ensuring a leak-proof mechanism. Prevents water from accidentally flowing for a better flushing action.

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - This replacement part is a guaranteed OEM part designed to deliver you with a reliable and high-performing product.