Fleetwood 518961 OEM RV Right Hand Drip Rail End Cap Attachment - Unit Fitted

Fleetwood 518961 OEM RV Right Hand Drip Rail End Cap Attachment - Unit Fitted

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*note* End caps may vary slightly in color.  We recommend spray painting units to fit desired coloring. 


Pro Tip:  If you need a set of two drip rail end caps (right and left side), please look at our product # / SKU 518961/518962; it is the most popular way RVers order this product.  Most people replace both at the same time.  However, if you only need a single left side or a single right side, please look at SKU / product # 518961 for the RIGHT side end cap only, or look at SKU / product # 518962 for the LEFT side end cap only. 

The Fleetwood 518962 Right Hand Drip Rail End Cap is made of durable and hard-wearing materials combined to offer longevity. Developed with a practical feature, ensuring the prevention of rainwater from entering the vehicle's rain gutter. It efficiently redirects water for effective extraction to help maintain a water-free gutter. Engineered and built with an overall dimension of 2 x 4 x 2 inches that fits easily and making it easy to install. Its convenient application delivers secure fastening for hassle-free maintenance.

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" HARD-WEARING CONSTRUCTION - Made and built from quality materials, guaranteed to offer durability for longer lasting use. Designed to deliver sufficient support for maximum unit performance.

SECURED FITTING - Manufactured with a compact structure suitable for correct fitting, making it conveniently easy to install. Offers secure attachment for a hassle and worry-free maintenance.

CONVENIENT WATER EXTRACTION - Easily redirects and extracts water from every RV roof that prevents dirty rainwater from your vehicle and maintains cleanliness.