Generac 077220 OEM RV HSB 100A Generator Utility Coil - Automatic Transfer Switch - Replacement Part -

Generac 077220 OEM RV HSB 100A Generator Utility "upper" Coil - HSB ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) - Replacement Part

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Pro Tip:  "lower" coil is SKU / part #077220A

Traveling with a faulty generator can spoil the fun out of your vacation and finding the right parts isn't that easy. Maintain your RV's functionality with the Generac Generator Utility Coil! This replacement part is the ideal replacement coil for those old and worn-out ones. It features a high performing functionality carefully assembled designed to work just like the original coil attached to your RV's generator. This coil is commonly used on 100 AMP transfer switches and is used on the upper coil on most Generac ATS's. This product is a guaranteed Original Equipment Manufacturer part made to deliver you with the most reliable and high performing product.
_ UTILITY COIL REPLACEMENT PART - Replaces the upper coil on most Generac ATS with 100 AMP transfer switch.
_ ORIGINAL OPERATING FUNCTION - This generator utility coil completes your RV Generac Generator and operates just like the original.
_ COMPATIBILITY SPECIFICATIONS - This replacement utility coil is commonly used for 100 Amp Generac transfer switches.
_ ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - This utility coil is a guaranteed OEM part designed to deliver you only with a reliable and high-performing product.
_ SUPPLIES AND PARTS FOR MOTORHOMES - This item is an original product of Generac. A full line of Generac accessories and replacement parts are also available.