Generac 0C4138 OEM RV Generator Manifold Exhaust Port Gasket - Replacement Part -

Generac 0C4138 OEM RV Generator Manifold Exhaust Port Gasket - Replacement Part

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Generac has been developing a wide range of top-quality equipment since 1959, providing optimum performance for all of your commercial and industrial needs. With its long-term vision to promote environmentally-responsible products, processes, and partnerships, you're bound to get yourself product options that are both fully functional and ecologically sustainable; a positive contributor of growth in the industry.

The Generac 0C3043 Manifold Intake Port Gasket is built to quality precision with carefully selected high-grade materials that offer maximized durability and reliability over time. This replacement part is made compatible with 005734 (GP15000), 005735 (GP15000), 005802-0 (XG10000E), 005930-1 (XP6500E), 005932-0 (XP10000E), 0057351 (GP17500) 120/240V portable generator models, 0046732 air-cooled automatic standby generator, and 0062440 home standby air-cooled generator. It features a structured measure of 1 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 1/16 inches in length, width, and depth respectively with a weight of 0.006 lbs.

Equip your RV with tools that deliver superior performance and optimum power control. With the wide range of high functioning parts and pieces that Generac offers, you and your family will enjoy smoother travels.

_ HEAVY-DUTY GASKET REPLACEMENT - Constructed from sturdy and robust fibrous materials for enhanced durability and superior reliability.
_ OFFERS OPTIMUM FUNCTIONALITY - Developed to seal the connection between the cylinder head and the manifold, ensuring that your RV is always in full performance.
_ REPLACEMENT PART - This authentic manifold gasket part is made and designed to fit GT990 generator and GP15000, XG10000E, XP6500E, XP10000E portable generator models.
_ ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - This manifold gasket is a guaranteed OEM part designed to deliver you with a reliable and high-performing product.