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Jayco 0012329 OEM RV Tent Trailer Bed Bow Brace Bracket Attachment - Unit Fitted

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Enhance the performance of your motorhome with Jayco vehicle components committed to producing a large selection of parts and accessories. Featuring the latest in RV solutions, our company brings every user with the convenience and comfort they deserve!

The Jayco 0012329 Tent Trailer Bed Bow Brace Bracket is made of durable and hard-wearing materials combined to offer longevity. Developed with a practical feature that ensures the tent trailer is supported, well balanced and stabilized, keeping it fully functional and standing even in harsh weather conditions. Engineered and built with an overall size that fits most trailer tent, making it easy to install. Its convenient application delivers secure fastening for hassle-free maintenance.

Experience worry-free travels with the whole family for more years to come and equip your mobile home with genuinely functional tools, parts, and accessories from Jayco!

" HARD-WEARING CONSTRUCTION - Made and built from quality materials, guaranteed to offer durability for longer lasting use. Designed to deliver sufficient support for maximum unit performance.

SECURED FITTING - Manufactured with a compact structure suitable for correct fitting, making it conveniently easy to install. Offers secure attachment for a hassle and worry-free maintenance.

BETTER SUPPORT & STABILIZATION - Designed to build additional support for tent trailers, preventing unit components from collapsing easily especially with harsh weathers.