Norcold 615785 OEM RV Refrigerator Door Catch Latch - Replacement Part - Black -

Norcold 615785 OEM RV Refrigerator Door Catch Latch - Replacement Part - Black

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Norcold has been providing the RV industry with modern, quality services and is currently one of the leading brands known in the United States; a brand proven to innovate bold products known for delivering superior and reliable performance continuously.

The Refrigerator Door Latch is built to quality precision with carefully selected heavy-duty and high-grade materials, offering maximized durability and reliability over time. This door latch is carefully designed to essentially work in RV refrigerators and provide you with a quality focused, simple, and trouble-free product. Developed to offer precise compatibility with multiple makes and models. Best fitted for Norcold Series Refrigerators.

Experience worry-free travels with the whole family for more years to come and equip your mobile home with genuinely functional tools, parts, and accessories from Norcold!

" QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Precisely built to deliver you with maximum durability using hard-wearing materials, providing you with a reliable product that lasts over time.

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - This genuine replacement part is a guaranteed OEM part designed to deliver you with a reliable and high-performing product.

SUPPLIES AND PARTS FOR MOTORHOMES - Manufactured with high-grade precision by Norcold Group. A full line of Norcold accessories and replacement parts are also available.