NORCOLD 628661 Refrigerator Power Circuit Board PCB -

Norcold 628661 Refrigerator Power Circuit Board PCB

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Norcold Power/ Circuit Board New Style 628661

This is the current power board being used in most Norcold refrigerators manufactured after 2006.

This circuit board is the gateway for voltage getting to the various components of the refrigerator.åÊ

Below are the Norcold refrigerator models that this board fits:åÊ(If your refrigerator was manufactured in 2006 or newer, this is the power board that you need.åÊSimply put, if your power board looks like the one above, then it is the one above because no other Norcold power boards look like this. åÊIf your refrigerator was manufactured Pre-2006, then this board will not fit your refrigerator)

N41X/ N51XåÊ Series- N410, N412, N510, N512
N6X Series - N611, N621, N621F, N623, N624, N641, N641F, N643

N8X Series - N811, N821, N821F, N821V, N822, N822F, N823, N824, N841, N841V, N842, N843
NX/ NXA Series - NX611, NX641, NXA641, NX811, NX841, NXA841
N1095 Series
1200 Series
1210 Series
1211 SeriesåÊ

Serial Number range will vary with the specific model refrigerator, however, if the board you have on your refrigerator looks like the board pictured above, IT IS! This style board has two plug connectors (one row of 10 pins and one row of 6 pins) while the older style boards are more rectangular and have only one 16 pin plug connector.