Norcold 61692222 OEM RV Refrigerator Unit Spark Sense Igniter Electrode w/ Wire -

Norcold 61692222 OEM RV Refrigerator Unit Spark Sense Igniter Electrode w/ Wire

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Norcold has been providing the RV industry with up-to-date, quality services and is currently one of the leading brands known in the United States; a brand proven to continuously innovate bold products that deliver superior and reliable performance.

The Norcold 61692222 RV Refrigerator Spark Sense Igniter Electrode with Wire is designed with high-quality and durable materials. It is an original replacement part that provides optimal functionality to fulfill your camper needs.

Power up your RV fridge to its full potential as you equip it with optimal parts. This electrode and wire aid the conduct of power for a fully functional and powered-up RV refrigerator, keeping your fridge cool and your food fresh while you're on the road.

Experience worry-free travels with the whole family for more years to come as you equip your mobile home and replace those old and faulty ones with genuinely functional tools, parts, and accessories from Norcold!

" REFRIGERATOR ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR - This igniter is designed for your RV's Norcold refrigerator, allowing for a fully functional, ideally maximized, and reliable mobile home cooling appliance.

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER - This close-to-the-original replacement part is a guaranteed OEM part designed to deliver you with a reliable and high-performing product.

SUPPLIES AND PARTS FOR MOTORHOMES - This item is an original product of Norcold. A full line of Norcold accessories and replacement parts are also available.