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Onan 326-5339 Cummins 30W Oil Onamax 1 Qt

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Cummins Onan OnaMax Oil.  SAE30 replaced with 10W-30

Cummins is transitioning from SAE30 (326-5339) to SAE10W-30 (A063E183) oil blend starting Q2 2020. This change will align with industry oil standards for small gasoline engines. Cummins manufacturers and ships gasoline and LP powered Onan RV generators using SAE10W-30 oil blend. In addition to the new oil blend, Cummins is still offering the SAE15W-40 for small diesel RV generators.

Factory recommended and tested, maximum protection engine oil formulated to reduce consumption and engine wear due to high temperature oil oxidation and viscosity increase. One-quart bottle. 30W.